Benefits of Excimer Laser

The excimer laser can act on the most visible symptoms of dermatologic diseases directly. It reduces the length and severity of a flare significantly. Some other benefits of the excimer laser device to treat inflammatory skin conditions are:

  • Fast and Visible Results 

Excimer laser before and after results can be seen rapidly. The device improves the appearance of skin plaques caused by psoriasis and vitiligo effectively and quickly.

  • Low UV Exposure

Unlike conventional phototherapy treatments that expose UV light to large areas of skin, the excimer laser is more concentrated. It targets a precise area affected by skin diseases. In this way, the excimer laser can minimize the risks to other areas of the body. 

  • No Recovery Required

Since the laser device effectively targets a specific area of the body, it prevents unaffected skin to be damaged by the UV light. In this way, there will be no recovery needed just after the treatment session.

  • Well-Tolerated

Studies reveal that the negative effects of the excimer laser are much lower if compared to conventional phototherapy treatments. Not only that but the therapy itself is not painful.

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