Best Medicine for Psoriasis

Best Medicine for Psoriasis

When you got something wrong in your body, then you will desperately look for the cause of the feeling that make you feel uncomfortable. You want to get rid the wrongness, so you will feel better gain. Therefore, people with psoriasis will seek for medical treatment or medication that could ease the symptom of the disease, or even to fight the cause of the disease. One example of the treatment that they could try to treat psoriasis is light therapy for skin. Other than the light therapy treatment, they could also take medicine that work for them. It is not easy to determine the best medicine for psoriasis because everyone will react differently to the medicine. Therefore, here are some of best medicine for psoriasis that doctor often prescribed to.


There are some common corticosteroid medications that often prescribed for psoriasis patients. The examples of those medications are including triamcinolone, fluocinolone, and betamethasone. This kind of medication could work well in some patients. These drugs could lessen skin inflammation as well as the itching. However, for those who have corticosteroid allergy are not permitted to take this kind of medication.

Systemic Agent (Retinoid)

Another medication that is one of the best medicine for psoriasis is retinoid. The drugs that are belong to this systemic agent (retinoid) is acitretin or soriatane. Commonly, this drug is used to treat severe psoriasis. Retinoid that is contained on the drug is used to control the growth of psoriasis as well as decrease the redness of the skin. This drug could be combined with medically controlled ultraviolet phototherapy to lower the dose of each. However, for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding and also have allergic reaction towards retinoid are not permitted to take this kind of medication. Acitretin is a capsule, so the patient usually takes it by mouth with food once a day.

Biologic Medication

Another best medicine for psoriasis is by taking biologic medication. This kind of medicine are made of substance that are founded in living beings. This drug will be injected to your skin or bloodstreams. There are two ways to take this medicine, the first one is injection and the second is by an IV. Once the drug is inside your body, it will block part of your transformed immune system that has anything to do with psoriasis. Commonly this kind of drugs are used to treat moderate to severe psoriasis. Even though these kinds of medication are great to treat psoriasis, but they have some downside too, such as the cost for this medication is fairly expensive and they also could cause some serious side effects. Example for this medication are including Adalimumab, Brodalumab, Etanercept, and many more.

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