Dermatitis on Face Causes, Triggers, and Treatments

Dermatitis on face causes and triggers quite vary. The skin disorder also comes in many forms, including perioral dermatitis. The redness and rash pop up on the face make your appearance look less attractive. Not to mention, the itching and burning sensation of your experience. So, how a person could have dermatitis on the face? And how to treat the disease?

Facial Dermatitis – Causes and Triggers

Dermatitis, particularly the perioral type is commonly found in women between 16 to 45 years old. However, it doesn’t mean that people out of the group can’t experience the disease. As for the causes, it is still unknown how people can have this skin issue. But, studies reveal that perioral dermatitis might be caused by strong topical steroids used for skin. Some other causes of the disease include nasal sprays that contain corticosteroids, skin creams that contain petrolatum or a paraffin base, other ingredients in cosmetics can cause this skin condition. Meanwhile, some other types of dermatitis such as contact dermatitis might be caused by several factors. They can be toxic substances, chemicals in perfumes or cosmetics, or jewelry made of gold or nickel. Dermatitis on face causes also includes constant drooling, fungal infections, bacteria, sunscreen, birth control pills, and fluorinated toothpaste.

Treatments of Facial Dermatitis

Most of the time, patients have several options to treat their dermatitis. The treatments are given usually depend on the type of dermatitis, the severity of the symptoms, and the overall health of the patients. If after examining dermatitis your doctor finds that it is included in perioral type, you might be suggested to avoid nasal sprays or topical creams contain steroids. If dermatitis on the face is identified as psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, or other skin disorders, your doctor might recommend you to use UV light therapy. A UV light treatment for dermatitis is now the most popular option that people choose to manage the skin condition, especially the severe one. The therapy is chosen by people with dermatitis for many good reasons. Compared to other treatments like creams, injections, or oral medications, this UV light therapy promises faster results. To boost the effectiveness of the treatment, a medical expert might recommend patients with dermatitis to combine it with other prescribed medications. No matter what treatment you choose, it is important to consult with your dermatologist in the first place. This is to make sure that the treatment given is the best one to reduce symptoms resulted from dermatitis on face causes.

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