Eczema Light Therapy at Home – Home Phototherapy to Treat Eczema

Is it possible to do eczema light therapy at home? Well, it has been known that treating eczema by using light will need a lot of time. The process can take weeks, even months to complete. This is not only time-consuming but also costly. In this way, home-phototherapy is designed to make it easier for people to do the treatment to cure their eczema. But, is it really effective?

Home Phototherapy – What Is It?

Just imagine the days you need to spend in the clinic to have a therapy session of UV light for face or your eczema? Not to mention the cost you have to pay for the services provided by the physician. This is how the home-phototherapy will be beneficial the most for you. Well, you need to know that UV light treatment utilizes light or other radiation forms with non-ionizing electromagnetic in the therapy process. The radiation or the light is produced by a medical device called a phototherapy unit. Narrowband UVB therapy light is the most common medical lamps used in the phototherapy units. The ultraviolet radiation used can get rid of various skin problems including eczema. 

Is the Home-Phototherapy for Eczema Safe?

Is it safe to use eczema light therapy at home? Yes, this home-phototherapy option is safe to treat eczema. The treatment comes with minimum risks. Additionally, UV light therapy is considered an effective non-drug alternative for patients with skin disorders to do self-treatment. The therapy can also be done based on the patients’ convenience and privacy at home. Though the UV light treatment for eczema is relatively safe, you need to make sure that the process is controlled and supervised by a professional. This is to ensure safety and minimize potential risks that might be resulted.

Devices and Benefits Devices needed to do home-phototherapy to treat eczema usually include hand-held and table-top tools. They are aimed to help you spot small areas on your skin that affected by eczema. The devices needed for the therapy also include “walk-in” units or a cabinet to allow you to have a full body treatment. You can buy the tools from popular and reputable companies that sell home-phototherapy units. They include National Body Corp (Ohio), Solar System Inc (Ontario), and Daavlin or UVABiotek (New York). With the eczema light therapy at home, you can eliminate the skin disorder while avoiding the time-and money-consuming trips needed to go to the clinic

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