Effective light therapy for vitiligo

The light therapy for vitiligo is proven effective for treating vitiligo and prevents the disease to develop. Vitiligo is a condition of autoimmune disease where cells that produce skin pigments attacked and destroyed that deliver the white patches in the skin. 

Cost to light therapy for vitiligo 

The light therapy treatment will reduce the itchiness and pain from the inflammation and slow down the skin cells’ creation to develop. Consider choosing light therapy for vitiligo? Then you need to expect a cost inexpensive way especially when you consider going to the clinic. Not only can the frequency of light therapy, but the wide areas of affected skin also affect the cost. The treatment of light therapy for vitiligo can cost around $15.000 per year. You can save the cost when you have covered with insurance. 

Types of light therapy for vitiligo 

There are several types of light therapy for vitiligo that offer benefits to heal vitiligo. The light therapy is also considered for other skin autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis and light therapy for eczema. 

  • Phototherapy. Phototherapy is a light therapy that uses ultraviolet light that able to found in natural sunlight. This ultraviolet light then specifically filtered into wavelengths that useful for stimulating the re-pigmentation of affected vitiligo areas. The exposure areas with ultraviolet lights increase the number of melanocytes and prevent the forming of white patches in areas affected with vitiligo. 
  • Laser Treatment. A laser is claimed as a high beam of UVB light. To treat vitiligo, the affected skin areas will be lightened with the device. The therapy is designed to stimulate the skin re-pigmentation that hopefully restores the skin color from white patches. Procedure therapy is painless. 

How long the therapy to get the best result? 

The therapy will be doing for several sessions depending on the areas that enlightened. For phototherapy, it takes around 5-10 minutes each session. For mild vitiligo, 4 sessions each month will help to shrink the size of light patches in skin and prevent new vitiligo patches appear. For moderate into severe vitiligo, the expert recommends taking 2-3 sessions per week. 

Are there any light therapies for a vitiligo side effect? 

Some side effects can be expected from the light therapy. However, it can be anticipated well with proper treatment. The side effects include skin sun-burn like and irritation or stinging in the skin. With fewer side effects and painless treatment light therapy for vitiligo is good for considerate as a treatment for vitiligo. 

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