Excimer Laser Treatment for Inflammatory Skin Conditions – Does It Work

Excimer laser treatment is a breakthrough in the medical world to provide a long-term solution for various skin diseases. This kind of treatment is considered effective to ease symptoms of psoriasis, vitiligo, and other inflammatory skin conditions. How does skin treatment work? And how effective is the excimer laser to clear up your skin? Here is what the study reveals about this latest new treatment for inflammatory skin diseases.

Excimer Laser Therapy – What Is It?

Excimer laser therapy is a relatively new treatment used by medical experts to treat psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, and other dermatologic diseases. The therapy is mainly suggested if other conventional treatments such as oral medications, injections, or creams do not work well to improve skin conditions. It can be used to treat mild to moderate inflammatory skin conditions effectively. The device can produce a 308 nm UV light monochromatic coherent wavelength. The excimer laser wavelength itself lies within the UVB spectrum and utilizes similar principles to phototherapy. However, compared to phototherapy, the excimer laser can provide you with faster and more effective results. 

How Does Excimer Laser Work? Basically, the laser involves a highly concentrated form of UVB light. Then, this UVB excimer laser wavelength will attack the DNA of T cells, slowing down the progress of the skin disease. Unlike phototherapy that usually requires up to three sessions a week for about 2 to 3 months, excimer laser works in fewer sessions. Most of the time, you only need a regimen of two sessions per week and there will be 12 weeks of treatment in total. Meanwhile, the results of the treatment can be seen in the fourth session of therapy. Excimer laser involves stronger doses than phototherapy and can get into deeper parts of the affected skin. One of the characteristics of an excimer laser that makes the device so popular now is its flexibility. This is possible to happen due to the handled wand feature added. The feature will make it easier for you to reach in hard-to-treat areas on your skin such as knees, elbows, scalp, soles of the feet, and palms of the hands. You can have a treatment by using an excimer laser at hospitals or dermatological clinics. As an alternative, you can do the treatment with an excimer laser at home by yourself. It is often recommended if the inflammatory skin condition is a mild one. However, make sure to not do this at-home treatment without the recommendation of a medical expert for safety reasons. Excimer laser buy is quite easy now since many products are available to opt for

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