Facts of Psoriasis and UV Light to Know

Psoriasis and uv light are related each other because UV light is used in light therapy or often called as phototherapy that is good to improve symptoms of psoriasis in some of people. This therapy is believed to reduce skin inflammation and it can slow down the production of skin cell too. Most of doctors recommend people who have already used other treatment to severe psoriasis but there is no result try to use this kind of light therapy. There are some benefits that offered by light therapy but it doesn’t mean that there is no side effect that you will get when you use this therapy. You can find some side effects when you use this light therapy for long term. This therapy is often called to increase risk of cancer. For all of you who suffer with psoriasis and you want to use light therapy for best treatment, you better read some facts here.

Kind of Light Therapy for Psoriasis

Psoriasis and uv light can reduce size, appearance of plaque and itchiness of psoriasis. This light therapy will involve UV light on your skin. Actually, the light therapy will not cure your disease but it can help to manage the condition and to improve quality of life. This light therapy is used to slow down the excess of skin cell growth that will be able to reduce formation plaques too. It is automatically will limit the growth of skin cell that will affect to the functioning of DNA.

Procedures of Light Therapy

When we talk about procedures of uva and uvb light therapy, it can be done in some areas such as hands, scalps, and all of your body. It can also used for sensitive areas such as eyes and also genitals. This therapy will be done in some sessions. The more you get this therapy; you will see differences. Some of people usually do this therapy for 2 until 3 months. You can see improvements after you do two- or four-week therapy and it will depend on the kinds of light therapy.

Factors that Influence

When we talk about the effectiveness of this therapy, we need to know some factors that can influence result of this therapy. The factors such as how much body that get psoriasis affects, person’s overall health, person’s types of skin, body parts psoriasis affect will really influence final result of this light therapy for you. Some doctors also recommend you to choose other specific light therapy such as narrow band light therapy that will give you fast result. Now you have already known about connection between psoriasis and uv light therapy.

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