Facts of Vitiligo and Treatment NB UVB for Vitiligo

Nb uvb for vitiligo is recommended by some doctors and dermatologists. Narrow Band light therapy is only one of some types of light therapies that you can choose. Actually, light therapy is not the only good treatment for people who suffer with vitiligo. Before you know more about light therapy for your vitiligo, you better know first about what vitiligo is and what causes vitiligo.

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is one of skin problems that will make you lose your skin color. Actually, this skin problem can happen to all people from any ages, genders, ethnic groups and some other things. This skin problem may occur in some areas of your body such as hair, mouth, eyes, or other parts of your body. Since this skin problem is long term skin problem, there is no cure for this skin problem. You only can reduce this skin problem by using nb uvb for vitiligo or other treatments. What is the real cause of this skin problem? Unfortunately, there is no exact cause of this skin problem. Some people and experts said that it may relate with virus and also autoimmune. The effective treatment that is used in most of countries is UVA or UVB light therapy.

Simple Treatment for Vitiligo

You need to combine uva and uvb light therapy with home medication too. What you need to do is using sunscreen. This is very important because when you applying sunscreen, your skin will not burn easily by sunlight. It helps you to reduce your risk to get this skin problem. For all of you who like to take light therapy, you need to visit your doctor first. You must consult your condition and your doctor will check your condition so your doctor will be easy to choose best light therapy for your skin diseases. When you do this light therapy, it may take more than 6 months to finally see the result of this therapy for your skin. It will not really make you free from your skin problem but it will only reduce your skin problem.

Skin Camouflage

You can also choose to do skin camouflage if you suffer with mild vitiligo. You just need to use cosmetic creams or makeup to cover your skin problem. What you need to do is choosing right tones that are suitable with your skin features too. You need to apply the cream correctly and it can last for more than 8 hours. Most of creams are waterproof so you can do all activities that you want even outdoor activities without need to worry with your skin problem again. It will make you feel more confident too. Now, it is free for you to choose solution for your vitiligo by using nb uvb for vitiligo or other treatment.

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