Get to Know About Phototherapy, a UV Therapy For Vitiligo

UV therapy for vitiligo is one of the treatment techniques for vitiligo sufferers. Besides there are also other treatments such as using drugs or surgical procedures, this therapeutic technique is almost similar to the technique of sunbathing, but what distinguishes the two is the source of light used. Sunbathing techniques prioritize the source of direct sunlight, while this phototherapy uses UVA and UVB light towards the skin affected by vitiligo.

UV therapy for vitiligo is an advanced stage of treatment for vitiligo sufferers if they experience an already severe condition. Like vitiligo which has spread widely in areas of the body and can’t be treated by topical drugs anymore. Therefore, this type of vitiligo treatment technique becomes one of the alternative treatment techniques. Usually this therapy is carried out three times in a week within a period of 6 to 12 months. In addition, doctors will also combine phototherapy treatment with other treatments such as laser therapy, vitamin D, and drugs that affect endurance.

Even so, still, this one treatment technique has risks for sufferers who do this therapy. One of them is where if exposure to UV rays that are exposed is not done in a standard manner according to the procedure it can damage the skin, trigger premature aging, and increase the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, it needs further examination from the doctor before doing it. If so, the doctor will make a referral. You are not allowed to do it alone, or outside of supervision by a dermatologist, of course.

Before doing this therapy, usually, the patient will be asked to use psoralen in the area affected by vitiligo. This purpose is done so that the skin is more sensitive when exposed to UV light. At first glance, that’s a picture of UV therapy for vitiligo.

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