Good Things of Having Light Therapy for Dermatitis

Dermatitis can actually be treated with light therapy for dermatitis. Nowadays the idea of using light as a form of therapy to deal with mostly skin conditions is widely known. It reduces the need of medication although at some points the best outcome of having a specific type of light therapy can be obtained by combining it with certain medication as well. The commonly known type of light therapy to deal with dermatitis is the narrowband UVB. Yet, there are other types of light therapy known as broadband UVB and UVA1 for different purposes.

Regular Light Therapy for Best Results

Among the good things about having this light therapy for dermatitis is that it can be very beneficial when it is administered on a regular basis. In that matter it is true that some people consider it as a time-consuming therapy since it takes multiple visits and involves various things to be done in order to get the better chance of good results. Yet it can still be considered as the only option to deal with a rather difficult to treat dermatitis, especially in its later stages. Dermatitis at its earlier stages may not need this kind of therapy. That may only need gentle moisturizers and topical steroids.

Terrible Risk of Light Therapy

Despite the good things of this kind of therapy and its effectiveness, it comes with risks. Just as the therapy of UV light for face to deal with certain conditions on the face skin, UVB treatment for dermatitis could bring some discomforts. A genetic mutation of skin cells leading to skin cancer is amidst the known risk of having light therapy. Melanoma is the worst that could happen with regular exposure of skin to UVB for the purpose of dermatitis treatment.

Consider the Risks and Benefits

Doctors who are dealing with this kind of thing have always been so vocal in delivering the possible risks of light treatment. They will only suggest and administer the treatment when there is no other way to help reduce the symptoms and the effects of skin conditions. Genital cancer is another risk of this treatment for men. Despite the possible risks, UVB therapy remains the option in need of its good effects. Patients getting light therapy for dermatitis are rarely found to be getting the bad sides of its effects though so there is no need to worry.

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