How can it be treated?

Atopic dermatitis can be said as a chronic condition means that it cannot be cured easily. They need treatments that can reduce the symptoms effectively. Many healthcare providers prescribe patients with oral and lotion medications. You can ask your doctor about how to treat dermatitis on legs. You need to follow the instructions. Your doctor may suggest UV treatment for dermatitis for severe conditions. You have to ask your doctor when you want to treat skin dermatitis on the face. To help your children, you can try these tips:

  • You can apply lotion after bathing immediately when the skin is still moist 
  • You can avoid long and hot baths that can cause dry skin. You can use lukewarm water and give your children a sponge for bathing 
  • Keep the room temperature in normal  since the temperature changes can cause dry skin
  • Keep your children wearing a cotton dress that can irritate the skin
  • Using a mild soap and ensure that clothes were well rinsed

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