How Do You Get Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disorder that makes the skin boost into bumpy red patches. Usually, the patched is covered with a white scale and appears on some part of the body such as knees, scalp, elbow, ear area, lower back and another surface of the skin. It causes by the fast-growing skin cells which can be multiplied by 10 times than normal skin. The most modern way to treat psoriasis is by using light therapy for skin which is known as narrow-band UVB phototherapy. There are some reasons how do you get psoriasisHere are the lists:

Genes and the Immune System

How do you get psoriasis that can be caused by genes and the immune system? Genes are contracted and instruct the cell to do certain things, taste something and controls things such as eye, skin and hair color. The correlation with psoriasis is that when your genes can’t control your immune system, it is automatically designed and promote inflammation on your skin. In this case, instead of protecting the body, the immune system invades it. 

Hormone Changes

Most sufferers of psoriasis are adults. This disease often flourishes during puberty. One of the most triggers is menopause. In the pregnancy period, there won’t be any symptoms of psoriasis, but after the off-spring, the symptom will show.


Sun can make the condition of sufferers from psoriasis get worse even natural light is good for most of them. Sun can make them get sunburn which makes the scale react actively.


Stress can affect the immune system because it responds to emotional and mental pressures. As mention above, the immune system also plays a role in psoriasis causes. 


Psoriasis is getting worse to people in the beginning stages of HIV infection.  


If you are a smoker and have relatives with psoriasis. Then you are nine times more likely to get the disease. If you have pustular psoriasis, by being a heavy smoker, you will hard to get a treatment

Skin Injuries

Psoriasis is a skin disease, so any kind of bad condition on the skin will trigger psoriasis, such as too much scratching, scrape, cut, bug bite, cut and infection


Alcohol has a bad effect on the body. psoriasis is one of them. Also, alcohol can make treatments no more effective.


psoriasis can be side effects of some medications. Even though it is not related to skin treatment, some are the potential to cause psoriasis. This is also the way how do you get psoriasis. So be careful!

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