How Long Does Phototherapy Take for Psoriasis with Great Results?

Phototherapy is effectively used to treat psoriasis, when a patient with psoriasis does not feel a significant change while doing treatment with either the over-the-counter psoriasis cream or the one prescribed by a doctor.

With phototherapy, the pain and itching of psoriasis sufferers will be reduced. With the right dose of radiation, Ultraviolet light will reduce the inflammatory process as well as slow down the formation of skin cells that are too fast.

What You Need to Know About Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that appears as red patches on your skin. Thick scales will often cover these patches. Psoriasis is caused by an abnormally fast skin cell growth.

The red patches in psoriasis will feel very itchy. Sometimes you will even feel a burning sensation on those skin patches. That is why having psoriasis can be very inconvenient. Not to mention that the skin lesions will affect your appearance.

What is Phototherapy?

There are so many treatment options for psoriasis. However, phototherapy is one of the most popular treatment methods that you can undergo if you have psoriasis.

Phototherapy is essentially a therapy method that uses the help of light to help manage psoriasis. Ultraviolet light is often used in phototherapy. This is because ultraviolet light can inhibit the growth of skin cells. That is why phototherapy for psoriasis is quite effective.

How Long Does Phototherapy Take?

Photo therapy is a great treatment option for psoriasis. However, how long does phototherapy take for psoriasis? If you ever decide to undergo photo therapy, you will have to go to several sessions over 2-3 months. Some types of photo therapy even take around 6 months.

Does Photo therapy Work?

A lot of psoriasis patients usually feel improvements after 2-4 weeks of undergoing photo therapy sessions. Around 50-80% of psoriasis patients feel like they have clearer skin after going through photo therapy. That is why this treatment method becomes very popular.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Exposing yourself to ultraviolet light also has its risks. Just like sunbathing, at risk for skin cancer, or smoking which is at risk for lung cancer. To reduce the risk of photo therapy, please to take a break every 2 months for 1 week. Thus, you will get the maximum benefits of it with minimum risk.


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