How to Easily Control Eczema

Below are several ways that you can try to control and prevent eczema from relapsing.

  1. Figure out the triggers of eczema and do your best to avoid them. Several things that can trigger and worsen this skin disease are dust, pollution, excess sweat, certain soaps and detergents, and cold and dry air. Particular foods can also be a trigger, such as milk and eggs.
  2. Take a warm shower twice a day. But eczema sufferers are suggested to take a warm shower for only 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Because taking a warm shower for too long can make the skin even drier.
  3. Use a soft towel to dry the body after taking a bath. Try not to rub the towel to the skin. You just need to slowly tap-tap the towel, especially on the area affected by eczema.
  4. Use a special moisturizer product on the entire body after taking a shower, before going to bed, when you are in the AC room for a long time, or according to your dermatologist’s suggestion.

Atopic dermatitis or eczema can appear and relapse at any time. The severity is varied as well. UV therapy for eczema and phototherapy for eczema can also be alternative. Moreover, the severity of this disease can also be reduced if the sufferers can figure out well the causes and triggers.

Immediately contact your doctor if the symptoms persist though you have already done the treatment mentioned above. Especially, when the disease is accompanied by fever or pus coming out from the skin. Those are the tips on how to get rid of eczema.

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