How to Take Care of Baby under Phototherapy

Care of baby under phototherapy will help parents to calm their babies during treatment. You need to know that studies show phototherapy is safe and comfortable. It is painless and will not harm your infants. Phototherapy for babies mostly done if your baby suffers from jaundice, which is a yellow appearance to the skin because of the number of bilirubin is out of control.


The treatment is done by exposing UV light to your infants’ skin. Here, the light will convert bilirubin molecules into soluble isomers that will be excreted in the usual way, through urine or sweat. The most effective light used for phototherapy is the blue-green light that will penetrate the skin and be easily absorbed by bilirubin to get the most effective.

During the time of therapy, your infants will need to take a blood test to see the bilirubin levels. You do not need to come to the hospital, since it can be done at home. Even, the nurses will help you with the meal plan during the process of treatment. 

For babies, they will be covered with a phototherapy blanket, and once the light is on, the bilirubin levels will raise. The length of time every baby takes this treatment depends on their bilirubin levels. The nurse will tell you when the treatment stops. 

When you do the therapy, cover your babies’ eyes with eye covers. Parents need to make sure that they remove the eye cover 6 hourly during feeding or infant care. See if you find infection or discharge. If bilirubin levels are still high, you need to limit the breastfeed time to 20 minutes only. Monitor temperature and vital signs every four hours. If you see some unusual signs, see doctors

Side Effects of Phototherapy

There will be some side effects that may occur after the phototherapy UV light, then you need to take care of baby under phototherapy. One obvious side effect is the change in temperature. Check it periodically, if it is too low or too high, you can take off or add the blanket to help your baby with the body temperature. 

Other side effects they may experience are mild skin rash, loose their bowel movements, and also slow feeding.

Take them to the hospital immediately if you find these conditions, such as bilirubin levels are increasing, too sleepy when you feed them, losing weight, or if your infants seem not well. See the nurse ask them suggestions on how to take care of baby under phototherapy

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