LED Light Therapy Types and Its Effects

LED light therapy or called as the light emitting diode is broadly spread in the field of aesthetician offices and also at home. This LED therapy is varying, and it depends on the types. This light therapy has several purposes for skin treatments such as reducing inflammation, acne treatment and promoting the effects of anti-aging. This therapy also belongs to Ultraviolet light for psoriasis. And this light treatment for skin is safe for any skin colors and of course, it would not cause any burning effect. If you want to get the best option for your LED therapy, then you consult this to your dermatologists which related to your skincare. Here are several types of light therapy and its function.

Blue Light

The light therapy of Blue LED is targeting in the area of sebaceous glands, or it is commonly known as oil glands. And the oil glands are located beneath the hair follicles. The oil glands are important in lubricating the skin and the hair. Therefore, it would not dry out. In spite of this, the oil glands can be overactive, and it will directly lead to acne and oily skin. And by applying the Blue LED therapy, it can make the oil glands less to be active. After that, your acne breakouts will reduce gradually. This Blue light also able to kill the bacteria of acne in the skin, so that it can help you in the treatment of acne pimples, such as nodules and cysts.

Red Light

The light treatment for skin by using the Red light is commonly used in the purpose of treating for the epidermis, which is commonly called as the outer layer from our skin. And while this light applied into your skin, the outer layer or epidermis able to absorb and after that stimulating the proteins of collagen. If you can get more collagen, then it will affect your skin to become fuller and smoother, and it can also decrease the effects of wrinkles and the fine lines. This therapy of Red light also able to decrease the inflammation, and also increase circulation that can give the impression of the healthier glow.

Near Infra-Red Light

This light therapy can improve the cell permeability and its absorption, wrinkles and smooth lines, increases the elasticity, decrease the pain and the inflammation, also heals the cystic type of acne and the accelerates of the wound healing.

If you want to get the best light treatment for skin, you can get this by visiting the licensed aesthetician or maybe the professional dermatologists which also performs the therapy of LED light. Make sure that you have to consult this with your dermatologist before getting this therapy.

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