Light Therapy for Skin – the Use of LED Lights for Skin Treatment

Today, you can find many kinds of beauty treatments that use the latest innovation in technology, including light therapy for skin. This beauty treatment is now very popular among those who want to have beautiful and healthy skin at the same time. This kind of therapy is also believed to have the ability to treat people with psoriasis and eczema. So many benefits that people can get from this LED light therapy, making it more popular in the beauty industry.

LED Light Therapy – What Is It?

As the name suggests, LED (Light Emitting Diode) light therapy uses non-thermal LED lead energy to help your body produces new cells through a natural process. The new cells are then used to boost rejuvenation and repair your skin. The therapy is recommended to treat various skin problems including acne, sun damage, reduce inflammatory condition, scarring, restore skin’s radiance, promote anti-aging effects, and more. The light treatment is also often used for skin medication. The use of light therapy for eczema is now easily found in hospitals and beauty clinics. Interestingly, LED light therapy is also safe for all skin colors. Additionally, the treatment doesn’t cause any burning on the skin. 

How LED Light Treatment for Skin Works?

The use of LED light treatment for skin can be dated back in the 1990s. The U.S. Navy SEALs started to use light therapy to help wounds suffered by soldiers quickly. They also use LED lights to recover damaged muscle tissues. Since then, the therapy has been used for various skin treatments caused by different issues in the aesthetic industry. It includes the use of LED light therapy in medication for scalp psoriasis. Most of the time, people want to take advantage of the treatment to increase tissue and collagen. In this way, the skin will be smooth and eliminate the appearance of damage caused by wrinkles, acne, and age spots. Skin treatment by using LED light therapy involves different wavelengths or frequencies. They usually include blue and red light frequencies. But you need to know that the frequencies used do not contain ultraviolet rays. They are also readily absorbed into the skin, making the process can be done fast.

How Much Does the Therapy Cost?

Most of the time, the LED therapy cost for a single session ranges from $25 to $85. The price of the therapy will depend on the area of the country where the treatment is conducted. It will also rely on whether you combine light therapy with another treatment or not. However, it will not be the final cost. You need to keep in mind that most of the aestheticians will recommend you to do the therapy at least up to 10 sessions. In this way, you need to consider the price per visit when arranging your budget for the therapy. Also, insurance usually doesn’t provide coverage for LED light treatment.

LED Light Therapy at Home

If you want to have the more affordable LED light therapy for your skin, you might need to consider doing it home, instead of in the beauty clinics. Devices for UVB light therapy at home only range from $25 to $250. This can be the cheaper option you can take since it will allow you to keep the LED device. In this way, you can use it to treat your skin in the future. Additionally, you do not need to pay for the services and consultations given by the therapist per visit. Furthermore, think about the time and energy you can save by having these home devices. This is not only money-saving but also time-saving. However, unlike the LED light treatment conducted by professionals, the results given by these LED light home devices are not too dramatic.

LED Light Frequencies in the LED Light Treatment

As said above, the light therapy for skin usually uses two different light frequencies, they are red and blue light. Each of the light frequencies comes with its own benefits and strengths.

  • Red Light

Red of infrared light in the LED light treatment for skin is usually used to treat epidermis. This is the outer layer of your skin. The epidermis will instantly absorb the red light applied to your skin. This red light will then stimulate collagen proteins inside your body to rejuvenate your epidermis, making it look younger and smoother. This is because more collagen resulted in your body will make your skin fuller. In this way, fine lines and wrinkles on the skin can be reduced significantly. Not only that, but the use of red light in skin treatment can also help you to reduce inflammation. You can also enjoy a healthier glow on your skin since the infrared light also improves circulation.

  • Blue Light

LED light treatment by using blue light, on the other hand, mainly used for sebaceous glands or oil glands. They can be found beneath the follicles of your hair. Due to the location, oil glands are important to lubricate your hair and skin. They will help your hair and skin to keep moist. However, you need to know that these glands can turn overactive. This will cause you to experience acne and oily skin. The LED light therapy will be used to treat the sebaceous glands and make them less active. In this way, your skin will look healthier, cleaner, and there will be fewer acne breakouts seen. Not only that, but the blue light can also be used to kill bacteria that cause acne and can live beneath the skin. As a result, the LED light treatment uses blue light can help you to get rid of severe acne pimples such as nodules and cysts.

  • Combination of Red and Blue Lights

Some people prefer to combine the use of red and blue lights in their LED light treatment to get the benefits of the two all at once. This treatment can be used to help treat acne, boost anti-inflammatory effects, and reduce scarring. A study conducted in 2018 also revealed that light therapy for skin can also be used to heal third-degree skin burns.

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