Even though there are not any medicines yet that can heal vitiligo, some medicines below can help to restore the patients’ original skin colors:

  • Corticosteroids Ointment

Corticosteroids ointment can help to prevent white spots from spreading and restore the patients’ skin colors, especially in the initial step of vitiligo. The corticosteroids ointment that can be prescribed is hydrocortisone, fluticasone, and betamethasone. However, corticosteroids should not be used by pregnant women and patients with vitiligo on their faces. Corticosteroids are not treatment for vitiligo on face.

  • Tacrolimus

Doctors will prescribe an ointment that contains tacrolimus for patients with vitiligo in a small area, such as the face or neck. Such an ointment can also be combined with ultraviolet B or UVB rays.

  • Hydroquinone

Doctors will prescribe a lotion that contains hydroquinone for patients with vitiligo that spreads almost all over the body. The lotion will be applied to normal skin so that the color is similar to the vitiligo patches.

Those are several treatments that are proven to be effective enough to treat vitiligo and restore the patients’ skin colors. Though this skin disease is generally not dangerous, you should not underestimate it. If this skin disease does not immediately get treatment, it will possibly cause other dangerous effects, such as skin cancer. You should at least perform home treatment for vitiligo.

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