Narrow Band UVB Treatment Facts to Know

Narrow band uvb treatment is one of light therapy types that you can choose to reduce your skin diseases because of some reasons. You who suffer with skin diseases or problem need to know right light or lamp therapy that will reduce your skin problem effectively. This light therapy is often chosen because it is highly effective. This light therapy is a strong reduction of the use of steroid and also other creams for psoriasis patients and other patients. Before you choose to use this kind of phototherapy, you need to consider some facts of this light therapy.

Side Effects of Narrow Band Therapy

Narrow band uvb treatment will give you some side effects such as:

  • Redness and discomfort or feeling sunburn when it is done for long term
  • You may experience itchy skin and dry skin too because of exposing of this light therapy
  • There will be some inflammation of the hair roots that you will find.

Broad Band UVB

When we talk about narrow band treatment then we will usually ask other uva and uvb light such as broadband uvb light therapy. In narrow band treatment it will be done by limit the light wavelengths to keep or to reduce the side effects of this therapy. In the broad band uvb treatment it will use wider wavelengths of light when we compare with narrow band therapy. It may give you more side effects than when you use narrowband therapy. Broadband uvb treatment is often called as the oldest form of therapy for psoriasis patients too.

Other Type of Light Treatment

Narrowband treatment and Broadband treatment are not the only types of light therapies that you can fid to reduce your skin problem. You can also find some other treatments such as laser uvb treatment that will use for small target. The other treatment is called as topical PUVA. This treatment will be done by applying lotion that contains of psoralen that effective to make your skin more receptive when you do this light therapy. You can also find low level light therapy. This therapy is often called as cold laser therapy. This treatment is recommended for all of you who suffer with inflammation and also chronic pain.

All light therapies will give you effective result when you always do it regularly and based on your need. You really need to consult first with your dermatologist to know what the best treatment that is suitable for you and your condition. Now, you can decide whether you need to use this narrow band uvb treatment or choosing other light therapy.

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