Narrow Band UVB Viitiligo Treatment

Do you know that vitiligo is a common, promoted pigmentary confound of foreign etiology with a massive impact on patient’s presence as well as quality of life? It brings a therapeutic test to a lot of dermatologist. Apart from using light treatment for skin, vitiligo also could be treated with some other medical treatment such as topical and oral immunosuppressant and cosmetic to camouflage the skin appearance. However, this kind of treatment will give a varying result. However, here in this article we are going to talk about narrow band uvb vitiligo.

What Is Vitiligo?

Actually, vitiligo is an acquired disease of depigmentation that is indicated by the loss of melanocytes from the epidermis. Unfortunately, this disorder affecting around 0.1 to 4 percent of the universe’s population. Like it or not vitiligo is a destructive disease with an importance impact on a patient’s quality of life. Furthermore, there are so many hypotheses in regard to the origin of the vitiligo’s etiopathogenesies such as autoimmune, oxidative stress, neurohumoral mechanisms, and oxytocic with the most supporting evidence. Therefore, many of the recent medical treatment try to target these possible etiologies.

The Efficiency of Narrow Band UVB in Vitiligo

There are some comparative studies that displayed 67% of patients that are undergoing the Narrow Band UVB procedure phototherapy depicts depigmentation in comparison to patients that are receiving topical PUVA in 4 months. Patients with PUVA phototherapy treatment only showed 47% depigmentation. Furthermore, in the study that compared UVB treatment and PUVA treatment for vitiligo that is done twice weekly, showed that the Narrow Band UVB treatment resulted more than 50% repigmentation in 64% patients, meanwhile PUVA only resulted 50% repigmentation in 37% patients. Even more than that, the colour match for Narrow Band UVB also recognized to be more remarkable rather than PUVA. Therefore, it could be concluded that narrow band uvb vitiligo is effective to treat vitiligo. 

Home Based Phototherapy

Nowadays, the Narrow Band UVB treatment could be done in your home, so it will be such a convenience for you because you don’t have to pay a lot of visit to the hospital anymore. However, all of the equipment’s that will you need is a prescribed equipment and you have to follow all of your doctor’s instructions and you have to do a routine check up on the hospital too.  However, the downside of this modality is that not all of the individuals could do narrow band uvb vitiligo at their own home because some of them may not be financially affordable, especially for those who lives in poor developing countries.

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