Other types of phototherapy to know

You should know that other types of phototherapy are not as effective, or highly recommended, but you still can try it as well. 

Natural sunshine therapy 

You can go out and expose your body areas that have been affected by psoriasis to the UV rays from the sunlight. It works best from May to October since more UV rays come from the sun. So, you need to cover unaffected areas with sunscreen and increase your time slowly to exposure to the sunlight. You can start to expose from 5 to 20 minutes. You should know that this treatment needs a longer time to work rather than a UV lamp, it also increases the risk of skin cancer. It is better to use this approach with your doctor’s guidance and support. It can be your home UVB phototherapy as well.

You can try tanning beds 

You should know that tanning salons are not the substitute for the light therapy which is supervised by a doctor. It is because tanning beds using UVA does not help psoriasis unless it is combined with specific medications. The use of these machines may bring a higher risk of skin cancer rather than medical treatments from your doctor. You can ask about phototherapy machine parts.

Using visible light therapy  This therapy may use blue or red light. Small studies have been proved, but more research is still needed. This visible-light therapy was also known as the IPL/ Intense Pulsed Light therapy to lead incredible results to treat the nail psoriasis. The side effects were also minimal. All those treatments should be phototherapy treatment protocols. Always consult your doctor, if you are interested, to try UVB phototherapy treatment. 

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