Philips UVB Narrowband Lamp to Treat Skin Conditions

This article will discuss the Philips UVB Narrowband lamp that is used to treat some skin conditions. Usually, this kind of treatment using UVB light is called light treatment for skin. Generally, this light therapy or phototherapy is used to treat Psoriasis, Eczema, or Vitiligo.

Even though you can do this phototherapy with the help of a professional, you can also do the phototherapy at home by using phototherapy machine. As of now, many companies are establishing phototherapy machines to help people who suffer from skin conditions.

Now, talking about phototherapy machines, one of the companies that establish UVB or UVA phototherapy machine is Philips. These lamps are produced based on many skin disorders that are still not treated well and cause a huge impact on patients’ lives.

As phototherapy lamps are already proven effective, Philips produced Narrowband UVB lamps which have been developed and tested with clinics and universities around the whole world.

About Narrowband UVB lamp from Philips

The Philips UVB Narrowband lamp is already proven works effectively to treat some skin diseases such as Psoriasis, Eczema, and also Vitiligo. It is also has been cleared by the FDA that more than 350 independent clinical studies all around the world stated that the UVB Narrowband (TL/01) lamps from Philips are shown the most effective phototherapy lamp to treat Psoriasis and Vitiligo.

These UVB Narrowband phototherapy lamps from Philips have been established since 1988. The first lamp produced by Philips is the UVB Narrowband (TL/01) lamps. From there on, Philips has been working to improve its phototherapy lamps, be it the convenience, efficacy, and also safety to get a better solution for skin treatment.

Why using phototherapy lamps from Philips

Not only the effectiveness is already proven by many clinics, but the Narrowband UVB lamps from Philips also has a unique and precise distribution for the spectral energy with an emission peak at 311 nm. This can prevent any potential side effects such as itching and redness. In addition, as patients require a short time exposure, by using the UVB Narrowband lamp will be less discomfort.

The period of the treatment

Of course, when talking about how long will you be doing the treatment, the answer lays on the condition and also the type of your skin. Generally, you will need around 20 up to 30 sessions and that is around 12 up to 14 weeks. But rest assured, by using Philips UVB Narrowband lamp, you will at least feel less discomfort.

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