Phototherapy for Depression: Pros and Cons

Phototherapy for depression is effective to treat SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a kind of depression that only occurs in the winter or fall, or seasonal. The patients will be exposed by artificial lights as treatment.

The Reason to Do Light Therapy

You do phototherapy UV light treatment under certain conditions. If you suffer from SAD or other conditions your doctor will recommend this treatment because it has few side effects and saves. Phototherapy is also used to increase the effectiveness of psychotherapy or antidepressant medication because this medication needs to avoid when you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Phototherapy also allows you to get a lower dose of medication. 

If you suffer from these conditions including jet lag, SAD, non-seasonal depression, sleep disorders, dementia, and also adjusting to night work schedule. Light therapy used for depression is a bit different from the one for psoriasis. For SAD therapy, the therapist will filter out the light in boxes, because it can damage skin and eyes. 

Pros and Cons

There are positive aspects you have after getting phototherapy for depression. It is easy to do, you can do this therapy at home by renting lightboxes. Light therapy has few or mild side effects, it is safe and convenient, and also non-invasive. 

While the negative effects have something to do with the complications you may get after treatment. You may suffer from dry eyes and nose, sunburn, insomnia, headache, fatigue, and also hypomania. These side effects will not be long-lasting. When it occurs, it may go away in a few days after you start your light therapy. You may manage the side effects by taking breaks time after long sessions, reducing your treatment time, or changing your light therapy time of day. See doctors get the advice of these side effects. 

How to Get an Effective Light Therapy

You can get the most of your light therapy by considering these things. The first thing you need to be consistent. Try to stick to your schedule, if you cannot do the therapy every day, take a day off, but monitor your symptoms and mood. 

The second one, get the right lightbox. See your doctor before you decide to get home therapy for depression. Do some researches. Make sure the lightbox is safe, having the right light and proper brightness, and its feature and style are easy to use. Combine this light therapy with other treatments to make it effective. Other medications include psychotherapy or antidepressant medication. Here phototherapy for depression.

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