Phototherapy for Psoriasis – Things to Know about this Treatment

Light therapy or known as phototherapy can improve the psoriasis symptoms. However, you should know that this light therapy will work by reducing the inflammation, but slowing down the production of skin cells. This article will show you the information about phototherapy for psoriasis. Doctors may recommend you with light therapy for psoriasis when a person gets moderate to severe psoriasis, or they cannot respond to other treatments as well. Along with its benefits, light therapy also has side effects that you have to know. Keep in mind that long-term and repeated exposure to light therapy can improve the risk of someone who gets skin cancer. In this article, you can take a closer look at light treatment for psoriasis.

First, what is Psoriasis? 

Psoriasis is the skin disorder which causes your skin cells to multiply up to ten faster than normal condition. It will make your skin build up into the bumpy red patches along with the white scales. They can occur everywhere, but it mostly occurs in the elbows, scalp, knees, and lower back. It can be passed from person to person, but it can occur in the same family. Even psoriasis on face symptoms is pretty similar as well.

This condition usually occurs in early adulthood. For most people, it only affects some areas. In severe cases, it can cover most of the body parts. These patches can heal and come back throughout a person’s life. No wonder that they want to get the best UV treatment for psoriasis.

The causes of psoriasis 

Keep in mind that no one knows the precise causes of psoriasis skin disease, but some experts believe that it is a combination of several things. There is something wrong with the immune system that causes inflammation, triggering new skin cells too quickly.  As mentioned before, this condition will run into the family, but it may skip some generations, such as a grandmother and her grandson might be affected, but not the child’s mother. In this article, you will know about psoriasis causes and cures. There are several things which can trigger psoriasis include:

  • strep infection
  • cuts or surgery
  • medications
  • blood pressure medications, and so on. 

So, what is light therapy for psoriasis 

At this point, light therapy can treat psoriasis symptoms, but it will not cure this condition. The phototherapy for psoriasis will include UV light on your skin that can reduce the itchiness, size, and appearances of plaques as well. Even it can clean them all completely. As mentioned before that this light therapy will not cure psoriasis, but it can help patients to manage their condition, and improve their life as well. Psoriasis is caused by several things that include some risk factors as well. This light therapy works by slowing down the excessive skin cells, which also reduces the plaques. It also limits the growth of skin cells by affecting DNA functions.

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