Phototherapy for Psoriasis Treatment

Phototherapy for psoriasis reviews by the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) show that UVB light treatment is mainly recommended for people with this inflammatory skin disease. UVB light treatment is the most popular option due to some good reasons. The treatment is more affordable and easier to apply. Not only that but UVB light treatment comes with fewer side effects if compared to other types of phototherapy. However, doctors often recommend patients with psoriasis to combine this UVB light treatment with additional medications to boost the effectiveness of the therapy. Speaking about the most effective phototherapy UV light for psoriasis, PUVA is often recommended. However, it comes with the highest risk. PUVA is believed to increase the risks of skin cancer and lead the skin to be more sensitive to light. Not only that but PUVA also comes with various side effects, including nausea and burning sensation. Aside from hospitals and dermatologic clinics, it is also possible to do light therapy by yourself at home under the supervision of your doctor, of course. Home phototherapy for psoriasis is often recommended for a long-term treatment and to cut the cost. It is a common alternative of in-office NB-UVB phototherapy and can be applied to mild, moderate, or severe psoriasis. However, patients need to conduct a few in-office therapies first before conducting at-home phototherapy treatment. This is to make sure that the therapy really works and you also need to see your doctor regularly to monitor the progress of the treatment. As for the cost of phototherapy treatment for psoriasis, it usually needs a few thousand dollars a year. Most of the time, health insurance covers in-office treatment for psoriasis. If you choose to conduct home phototherapy, it usually costs $2,600 on average and the treatment is less likely covered by insurance. 

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