Phototherapy to Treat Vitiligo

Is the vitiligo phototherapy machine works effectively? To find out the answer, read this article carefully. For your information, narrowband phototherapy or light treatment for skin has been used for a long time ago and considered to have a high success rate to treat various skin conditions such as vitiligo.

Talking about the vitiligo treatment using phototherapy or light therapy, each session of the treatment will take less than 5 minutes. Usually, most of the skin treatments are free to charge or covered either by the government or by insurance companies. Do not worry as the phototherapy or light therapy is safe and works effectively more than 70% cases. As the vitiligo patient, you will notice that within 4 to 6 weeks of the treatment, there will be re-pigmentation.

How does it work?

The vitiligo phototherapy machine works by delivering a metered, filtered, and prescribed dose of UVB or Ultraviolet B light. The prescribed dose is made according to the type and condition of the patient’s skin. The UVB light, in the wavelength of 311 nanometers, will stimulate the sleeping pigment cells to trigger the re-pigmentation. Thus, as you conduct the treatment, your skin will be able to produce pigmentation again for the white patches of vitiligo.

How long do you have to do this treatment?

In order for your skin to be able to re-pigmentation, you need at least 20 up to 30 sessions but as trials. For your information, the re-pigmentation will be visible one month of the phototherapy or light therapy treatment. Furthermore, it is recommended for you to take at least 2 sessions per week even though the ideal one is 3 sessions per week. If your skin is able to get re-pigmentation, you can continue to do the phototherapy treatment.

How successful is the treatment?

As we already said before, you need at least to take up to 30 sessions of phototherapy, which is at least up to 14 weeks. This treatment will have a much higher success rate if combined with a topical prescription cream. By using the cream, the treatment success rate will get to 80%.

If the vitiligo phototherapy machine succeeded, you will be able to see new lesions of vitiligo, vitiligo involving your face, and also dark-colored hairs within the white patches of vitiligo. If the treatment is going bad, it will include old lesions of vitiligo, white-colored hairs within the white patches of vitiligo, lesions located on your hands, feet, and lower limbs.

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