Phototherapy Treatment for Vitiligo You Need to Know

In treating vitiligo, phototherapy treatment for vitiligo is one way that is often done by every doctor to treat patients who are affected by vitiligo with vitiligo in an unusual body. This condition can usually be assessed in three stages, namely easy, ordinary, and severe. Easy conditions are conditions where vitiligo can still be treated with an easy treatment, such as administering ointments to the skin affected by vitiligo.

An easy condition is a condition in which the condition of the skin affected by vitiligo can’t be overcome with an easy way, but still not in a severe or chronic stage. In this condition, treatment using ointment will not be effective anymore. One way is to use UVA and UVB light. Well, this method is usually better known as phototherapy treatment for vitiligo. Furthermore, the third condition is a condition where vitiligo in the skin is very severe and difficult to overcome. The most common way taken by every doctor is to perform surgery. This is done because the action was taken in the form of therapy previously considered ineffective.

This type of therapy is done utilizing the patient being asked to enter a box or box that emits UV light. Later, for several minutes, the patient will be left exposed to direct UV rays. This therapy also generally carried out as much as two to 3 days a week. Depending on the decision of the treating doctor in diagnosing the condition of vitiligo experienced by the sufferer. This is due to the side effects of phototherapy treatment for vitiligo is high enough so that the need for supervision and appropriate action. This therapeutic action if done outside of medical treatment certainly has a higher risk for sure. It is strongly not recommended to do it alone or to parties that have nothing to do with medical.

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