Phototherapy Using Narrow UVB is The Best Therapy for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes pigmentation disorder. Its impact is affected the skin color in a certain area of the body. It usually occurs on the exposed skin such as the face, neck, hands, legs, and many other skin areas. There are many choices of treatments that you can choose to get recover from this disease. One of the treatments that can be used to treat Vitiligo is Narrow UVB treatment, which treatment is the best for Vitiligo.

What is Narrow-band UVB Treatment?

Narrow-band UVB is evidently as a safe and effective phototherapy treatment. When this treatment firstly was used to cure Vitiligo, the result was the patients get more than 75% repigmentation after 12-months of therapy twice a week therapy. This result was compared with the other patients who had PUVA. Narrow-band UVB is effectively in the influence of increasing Vitamin D that is useful for our skin and helps to repigmentation. This Narrow-band UVB works effectively on children with Vitiligo. Dermatologist suggests Narrow-band UVB for children who have Vitiligo. It usually uses 311-312 wavelengths and typically for the treatments. The Narrow-band UVB which is best treatment for Vitiligo is safe to use as the treatment for children, lactating, women, and pregnant women. Comparing to the other treatments, this treatment is having no serious side effects.

Side Effect of Narrow-band UVB Treatment

Every treatment to cure Vitiligo will have a side effect. Medical treatment and steroid cream will create the complication with Vitiligo. Treatment using UV lights will have many side effects and complication disease after that. UV radiation has a very dangerous side effect for long term usage. It will cause skin aging and even skin cancer. Those are for usage of certain UV lights and on a certain wavelength. Talking about UVB usage in treatment, Narrow-band UVB can be very effective and fewer side effects for the health of the patient even when it is compared to photochemotherapy.

Vitiligo has made people lose their confidence. They will take certain treatments to restore their natural skin color. The Narrow-band UVB treatment which is best treatment for Vitiligo is the most effective and most safe treatment to make patients with Vitiligo get recovered and get their confidence again. Choosing the best treatment for your health is the most important decision to make. Be careful and be wise in choosing the treatment, because once it has already taken, it would be difficult to re-take.

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