Phototherapy UV Treatment for Eczema

UV treatment for eczema is known as an effective way to treat people with eczema. UV treatment is also known as light therapy. It uses the wavelengths of UV light to treat the skin problem. 

How to Do Phototherapy

When you do light therapy, the doctors will ask you to apply moisturizer oil to your skin. And after that, you will enter into a large cabinet undressed. You will be given goggles to prevent you from eye damage. This narrow UVB treatment will be done for minutes. 

The area that is exposed by the light depending on your skin problem coverage. It can be done for a full-body or specific area only. The frequency of the therapy will be reduced after you find improvements. It will take two months or less than that. 

Studies have shown that this therapy can relieve the inflammation you get. For better improvement, you can combine light therapy with bathing therapy. These two treatments will reduce your sleep problems too. 

One important note is whenever you do this therapy, try to avoid sunlight to limit the negative side effects. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and also appropriate clothes to protect yourself from this natural light. 

Potential Side Effects

You may experience side effects after getting this treatment. The common problem is mild sunburn reaction. The effect worsens, especially if you take other medications such as herbal meds that will cause sensitivity to light. 

Thus, if you take other medicines along with the therapy, tell your therapists. Once you get redness or itchiness, the treatment will be stopped for a while until it is settled. 

While the long-term side effects that you may experience are skin photo-aging and also the risk of getting skin cancer or melanoma. You may also get photosensitive skin eruptions, and from UVA treatment you may suffer cataracts. 


UV treatment for eczema is one of the treatments you can try. No cure for eczema, but you can decrease its symptoms, depending on the type of your eczema. Manage your symptoms by considering these basics, such as knowing your triggers, implementing regular baths and moisturizing periodically, using medications, and also watching skin infections, like redness, bumps, or pain. 

When you suffer from eczema, besides UV treatment for eczema you can try, try not to rub your affected skin. If you wear clothes, make sure you choose non-irritable materials. Dress in breathable and soft clothing and avoid wearing itchy materials like wool. 

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