Planning UVB Treatment for Skin Disorders

UVB treatment for skin disorders becomes an option when standard treatments do not give you good results. Dermatologists say this treatment is effective enough to cure the symptoms of psoriasis or eczema.  

What is Light Therapy?

If you are new to this therapy, light therapy is also known as phototherapy. This therapy will expose your skin to artificial UV light. The light is proven to trigger a biological process that will help patients clear up their skin disorders. 

Before having this treatment, you need to know that the treatment is different from using tanning beds. Tanning beds will expose your whole body with UVA light waves that will damage your skin. Some skin disorders will not respond to UVA light which will make it less effective.

While if you are taking phototherapy, you will be exposed to both UVA and UVB light waves. This narrow UVB treatment will help you to relieve your skin problems without damaging the skin. 

Skin Disorders

Several skin problems can be treated with light therapy. If you have eczema, light therapy will reduce its symptoms. Eczema will give itchy and red patches of skin. Another condition is contact dermatitis that will give you experience an allergic reaction to every substance that touches your skin.

Light therapy can also cure vitiligo. It is a condition when your skin cells that produce skin color are damaged. 

Another problem is lichen planus, a rare disorder that causes itching on your skin. Or psoriasis, scaly and red patches on your elbows, scalp, and knees. These are skin problems that can be reduced by having UVB treatment for skin disorders.

What to Do before Light Therapy

If you are interested to get this therapy, see a doctor whether the therapy is safe or not for your body condition. Your doctor will ask if you are breastfeeding or if you are pregnant. They will also give a full-body exam to see the whole condition of your skin. They will also ask your skin’s reaction to sunlight. 

Your family history of skin cancer will also matter to examine your chance of getting its negative side effects. Tell them about the medications you take, herbal supplements, patches, or creams, and also over the counter medications, since some medications may like retinoid, cancer medications, or antibiotic will make you are sensitive to light. After observing you, UVB treatment for skin disorders can be done, your doctors will tell you what you need and the estimated time you will have the whole treatment.

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