UVB Narrowband Phototherapy Double Philips Lamps With Built-in Timer

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Kernel Medical Stationary Lights comes with 2 Philips Special UVB Narrowband lamps. You can hold and direct the light source or let it stand on the table without you holding it. Lightweight, portable and powered by the AC adapter that comes with the product, also includes UV glasses for eye protection. This device uses an integrated automatic timer, making your irradiation dose accurate.

• Philips UVB bulb 311 nm (model: PL-9 9W/01/2P)
• LCD Timer
• Integrated Power Adjustment
• 110 V (U.S./Canada/Other) or 220 V (UK/Europe/Other) power cord adapter
• Built in fuses: 2 micro fuses

• 1 x Box
• 1 x Stationary UVB Phototherapy Device
• 2 x UVB bulb 311nm (Philips™, Model: PL-S 9W/01-2P)
• 1 x Power Adapter 220v or 110v, US or EU Plug adjusted to your address or requirement
• 1 x UV glasses
• 1 x Instruction Manual


KN-4006B Uses 2x Philips 311nm UVB Lamps And Device Have small grey LCD with Built-in Timer and Controls.

Kernel Medical Stationary UV-B Phototherapy Lamp is a drug-free, clinically proven device for the treatment of all types of Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema and similar skin conditions, both on the body and scalp. Kernel Medical handheld uses original Philips™ UV-B / 311nm lamps with a specific wavelength of the sun’s natural spectrum for the treatment of Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Hyperbilirubin and other skin diseases. The precise and unique spectral energy distribution with an emission peak at 311 nm minimizes potential side effects like redness and itching. Also, a shorter period of exposure is needed. More effect, less discomfort.

The Kernel Medical Stationary lamps can be used to treat all parts of the body. Lightweight, portable, and powered by the AC adapter included with the product. It will be sent with an adapter according to your country of residence need. Also includes UV glasses for eye protection.

Treatment can be as little as 4 minutes 3-4 times a week for each area treated. To use it simply place it against the affected area. Positive results have been seen in as little as one week, however, results do vary between individuals and severity of the condition. We recommend that you consult your dermatologist for full treatment advice before use.

Kernel Medical Stationary UVB lamp has already helped thousands of patients across the world to treat their psoriasis. Although designed for consumer at-home therapy, the device is also used by many professional dermatologists, clinics and hospitals across the globe. The device has passed the most stringent EU laboratory safety tests and is CE certified as a medical device. CE certification indicates conformity with the health and safety requirements set out in International Directives.

With Kernel Medical Stationary UVB phototherapy lamp you can be sure to achieve an effective treatment with minimum discomfort. Order the most affordable and versatile UVB lamp today!


UVB narrowband lamp  

Maximum Efficiency

Use Philips special UV lamp 2 pcs Narrow Band Philips UVB 311nm, large radiation area with stable and long use life. Build-in reflectors improve the efficiency of exposure.

Humanized design

Desk or Stationary Type, easy operation for home use.

The irradiation angle of the irradiator can be adjusted according to the needs of treatment, and it can also be placed on the base or operated by holding the irradiator, making the irradiation site more flexible.

311nm UVB lamp


narrow band UVB 311 nm Buit-in timer

With timing control function, it eliminates the trouble of time calculation and improves accuracy.

Easy to operate

Lightweight, compact and easy to carry

Simple operation, Push button operation

also suitable for treatment at home.

UVB narrowband lamp



Security grade
Class II


Net Weight
Working Distance
Effective Radiation Area


Additional information

Weight N/A
Power Plug

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  1. Gena Watson

    This is according to my expectation. This device has 2 Philips brand bulbs. Wide lighting area. The wand can be folded, can be held or placed on the seat with timer. This type of machine has dual fuses, so I feel safe using it.

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