Psoriasis Treatment with Excimer Laser

When using the excimer laser to treat psoriasis, you need to keep in mind that the light involved is concentrated. It means that the treatment will not work well for psoriasis cases that affect large parts of the body. The device will be useful the most to treat only small areas of the body affected by psoriasis. Excimer laser treatment can be used to treat various types of psoriasis. However, the treatment will work best on people with scalp psoriasis type. Not only that but the effectiveness of the treatment will also depend on how severe the symptoms are. Other factors that contribute to the success of the psoriasis treatment using excimer laser are the thickness of the lesions and skin type. Excimer laser psoriasis can be combined with other treatments. It is safe to use the therapy alongside with topical treatments such as calcipotriene ointment and propionate spray. This will allow you to improve skin conditions affected by psoriasis faster. 

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