Skin Grafting v.s Phototherapy

A skin graft is performed when the vitiligo affects only a small area of the body. It is also the last option taken by patients to treat vitiligo. In this procedure, the doctor will take healthy skin to cover the skin affected by vitiligo. Skin grafting is performed on vitiligo that has not widened in the past a year and for vitiligo that is not triggered by sunburn.

Instead of skin grafts, let alone only for small areas of the body. Phototherapy is a better alternative. Phototherapy will stimulate melanosomes to produce melanocytes naturally and cover the vitiligo area with melanin.

Why phototherapy can stimulate pigment formation? Phototherapy stimulates keratinocytes to secrete tyrosinase which stimulates melanocytes to secrete melanin. The accumulation of melanin in keratinocytes results in darkening of the skin.

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