Some treatments for atopic dermatitis

Currently, there is no cure for this condition, but many people also find that this condition will improve as they get older. These treatments will help someone to manage or lower the symptoms of their eczema. You may know that some people usually apply anti-inflammatories and moisturizers directly to their skin as ointments or creams as well. 


Your doctor may prescribe you with oral medication or creams to moisture your skin, heal the inflammation, and reduce itching. The medications include corticosteroid tablets to relieve your inflammation and itching, corticosteroid creams to heal your inflammation, antihistamines help to reduce severe itching caused by atopic dermatitis. Always ask your doctor about the best treatment for dermatitis. Even your doctor may suggest you get UV treatment for dermatitis. 

UV treatment or phototherapy

People with severe eczema may take benefit from this UV light therapy. It has considered that 70 percent of people who have severe eczema find an improvement in their symptoms after getting this therapy. During phototherapy, your doctor will shine your skin with a UVB light or just an affected area. This light will help you to reduce inflammation and itchiness. It also encourages your body to produce Vitamin D. It helps your skin to fight against bacteria to prevent infection. 

Wet-wrap therapy 

Many types of research show that wet-wrap therapy can help to reduce eczema symptoms by increasing skin moisture. After you take bath and moisturize your skin, wrap wet strips or gauze around an affected area. It makes your skin stay hydrated and improving the medication creams that you use. You should not use the wet wraps over the prescribed corticosteroid creams unless your doctor advised this best treatment for dermatitis.

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