Sun Lamp for Psoriasis: What to Kow to Get the Best Benefits

The use of sun lamps for psoriasis or known as phototherapy has been existed since a long time ago. And even when today the fast development in the world of medications, sun lamp for psoriasis is still considered to be one of the options in treating the condition. It is considered to have fewer side effects and an option for those who can’t take biologic or systemic medications. Nowadays the therapy is easier to get since the home units are available, but to get the most benefits of phototherapy there are some thing s to be paid attention to.

What you should do when getting phototherapy

Here are some things you should consider before and while you are getting a sun lamp for psoriasis.

1. Look at your budget 

Before you consider to get phototherapy for your psoriasis, check if your insurer has it covered. Some insurers encourage the dermatologists to charge the patient for each session.

2. Stick to the schedule

The key to doing any therapy is the routine, including phototherapy. The usual time is to have therapy three times a week.

3. Moisturize

The most common side effects of the therapy are the dry and itchy skin. So ut us ti moisturize before and regularly when you are on therapy.

4. Protection

Put on goggles and cover the face if you do not have psoriasis in the area.

5. Protect the skin

Use sunscreen and protective clothing to minimize the damage by the sunray after the therapy. 

6. Full body check for skin cancer

Though UVB in narrow-band has a low risk of skin cancer, it is better to check your full body every 6 months while getting the therapy.

7. Ask for fewer treatments 

If you think the skin has cleared, do not hesitate to ask the dermatologist to give fewer treatments, or if in the summertime when the natural light presents enough.

What you should not do while getting the therapy

Surely there will be things you should not do while having a sun lamp for psoriasis. First, you are not allowed to mix any medications such as some antibiotics, topicals and blood pressure drugs while you are on therapy since it will increase the risk of burn. And then do not apply any sunscreen or topicals before the therapy. And it is best to wear as little as possible and only covering face, eyes, and genitals while undergoing therapy.

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