The benefit of narrow-band UVB light therapy

The narrow-band UVB light therapy has been a popular treatment for some skin diseases such as uv light for vitiligo, eczema, and psoriasis. It is generally safe and fewer side effects result after the therapy. 

What is the narrowband UVB light therapy means?

Different from the general use of laser light that is used for a skin treatment that uses wavelengths of 300 to 320 nm, narrowband therapy refers to use the 310-315 nm that most believed as the most effective ways to treat skin disorders. This is a therapy that narrowed the spectrum lights that purposed to create less redness and the greater wavelengths that better effective to heal the patches. 

The benefit of narrow-band UVB light therapy

As the most effective therapy, the therapy has been claimed to deliver many benefits to medical use. 

  • Reduce the treatment duration. The exposure from the therapy can be spotted or into the entire body. Depend on the severity and type of disease, the repeat session should be scheduled with time intervals that allow skin for recovery after the therapy. 
  • Faster response. Most of the therapy delivers a quicker result to achieve the target
  • Reduced the recurrence from the skin diseases treated 
  • Reduce the exposure from the UV light lesion. This means the side effect of narrowband UVB light therapy can be reduced. 

Three essential things for the therapy effectiveness 

3 essential things should be considered when you start light therapy. These three are duration, timing, and intensity. 

  • Duration. For light therapy machine 10.000 lux lightbox, the therapy with light takes 20-30 minutes daily. For lower intensity, for example, 2500 lux, the session may take longer. Always read the manual from the manufacturer when you buy a device and always follow the instructions that your doctor gives. 
  • Timing. In general, most people report that the most effective time for doing the therapy session. 
  • Intensity. The intensity from the light is stated in Lux. This Lux is a measurement of the amount of light that you receive. Different uses for different disease treatments are needed. 

Light therapy is one alternative therapy and sometimes a specific person is not suitable for the therapy. When you decide to choose the treatment, remember that you need to wait for the process and waiting for successful therapy. You need to be consistent and make the progress track. If possible, you can combine narrowband UVB light therapy with other medical treatments. 

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