The Benefits of Phototherapy for SAD and the Preparations Before the Process

Do you ever hear about SAD? Then, what about phototherapy for SAD? Well, light therapy or phototherapy is a medical procedure performed with fluorescent, halogen, or LED light to treat certain diseases. Starting from skin diseases, yellow babies, to certain mental problems.

Light therapy is generally intended for sufferers of seasonal affective disorder or what we know as SAD (seasonal affective disorder). This type of depression is a condition when a person experiences depression during certain seasons, especially during winter.

To overcome this depression, medication is used using artificial light sources. This therapy is done to replace the lack of sun exposure in a person, considering that SAD syndrome is considered to be associated with a lack of sun exposure.

Getting to know more about SAD

SAD is a combination of biological and mood disorders with a seasonal pattern that usually occurs in late autumn and is more prevalent in winter. This disorder often causes several feelings such as feeling depressed every day, losing interest or feeling hopeless, and often thinking about death and suicide.

The most common cause when someone experiences SAD is the change in seasons where a person does not get enough sun exposure. This decrease in sunlight then causes a decrease in serotonin which ultimately triggers feelings of pressure. That’s why when winter comes, many people experience SAD. However today scientists have developed a light therapy treatment which is also known as phototherapy.

What are the preparations before undergoing light therapy?

There is no special preparation before undergoing phototherapy UV light. It’s just that, you need to discuss with your doctor the benefits and risks of it first.

Especially for patients with certain cancers, the photosensitizer drug will be applied to the body before the procedure. The reaction between the light used and the photosensitizer will produce activated oxygen in cancer cells and require cancer cells.

Doing the phototherapy for SAD and the benefits

What should the patient do when they want to carry out the process of phototherapy for SAD? To do this the patient only needs to sit or work near a device called a light therapy box. A device that produces natural light, which is a substitute for sunlight.

These lights will affect brain performance related to mood, thereby reducing the symptoms of SAD. The following are the benefits of light therapy or phototherapy:

·        Helping to treat seasonal affective disorders

·        Increasing the effectiveness of antidepressants or mental health counseling

·        Helping women avoid antidepressants during pregnancy or while breastfeeding

·        Maintaining skin conditions such as psoriasis

·        Reducing jet lag

·        Can be used to treat several sleep disorders

·        Can also be used to treat some cases of non-religious depression and dementia.

Those are everything about the phototherapy for SAD that you should know.

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