The Benefits of Treating Psoriasis with UV Light At Home

Perhaps you have heard of phototherapy for psoriasis, but do you know that you can use UV light at home? Researchers and doctors have found that home treatment of psoriasis using ultraviolet B (UVB) light lamps is equally safe and effective as phototherapy at hospitals. The following article describes how it works and its benefits.

UVB Light Treatment for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin ailment that can be treated through phototherapy. Ultraviolet light for psoriasis treatment involves exposing the skin to a UVB lamp. The artificial light from the lamp only contains a specific wavelength of UVB rays. Known as narrowband UVB light, it has the ability to ease itchiness and skin inflammation in psoriasis patients.

UVB light therapy is different from direct exposure to sunlight. Direct sunlight contains narrowband UVB light as well as harmful UV radiation which can cause sunburn and skin cancer. Therefore, it is generally safe.

Patients may undergo UVB therapy in a clinic or a hospital, as well as using special UVB lamps for home treatment.

Benefits of Using UV Light at Home

  • Safe and Effective

As explained above, UVB light therapy is generally safe, even for children and pregnant people. Its effectiveness is also proven as studies show that UVB light therapy successfully treats psoriasis in most patients. However, it takes about one to two months to see the effect. The lack of effectiveness is usually caused by the patient’s not going for treatment regularly.

  • More Convenient and Cost-Effective

You can either undergo UV light therapy in a clinical setting or at home. However, maybe you cannot leave home very often due to personal situations, or the nearest clinic is too far. Home treatment is a better and more convenient option because you can do it in your own house. It might also be more affordable. Phototherapy can be expensive, but you can get lamps designated for home treatment starting from $250.

Starting a Home Treatment

Before getting your own UVB lamp, you should consult your doctor first. Though phototherapy is generally safe, it is not recommended for people with certain genetic disorders.

You have to do the first few sessions in front of a doctor to ensure you are doing it properly. During the treatment itself, you still need to get your doctor to examine your skin in order to make sure that using UV light at home works for you.

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