The Effectiveness of Ultraviolet Light for Eczema

Ultraviolet light for eczema is common solution that offered by some doctors. Suffering from eczema usually will make you feel bad. You can’t do your activities in maximum way because you suffer with this skin problem. Light therapy or phototherapy is effective to treat eczema or atopic dermatitis. Common type of phototherapy that is used to treat eczema is UVB light therapy. This therapy will be done by using special machine to transfer the ultraviolet light. The natural light of ultraviolet light is main part to treat eczema.

Functions of Treatment

When you do this phototherapy to treat eczema, this treatment will help you to calm inflammation. It will be used to reduce itch. This treatment is also good to increase vitamin D production on your body because vitamin D is easy to get from sunlight. By doing phototherapy, the light will be able to ramp up bacteria that fight system in your skin. This therapy is effective to be used for eczema that fights all over the body and it can be used too for eczema that attacks hands and also feet.

What to Know Before the Treatment

Before you do treatment ultraviolet light for eczema, you better know some information related with this treatment. You need to apply lotion or oil to your skin and you need to undress except wearing underwear and also goggles to protect your eyes during you do this treatment. The machine is activated in a short time usually it will take several minutes. The machine will help to treat the entire body or for certain areas that are exposed by eczema. This treatment should be done regularly and for long time if you really want to get improvement. Although this treatment is called as effective treatment, there are some risks too that you can find when you choose to use this treatment for solution of your eczema.

Risks of Light Therapy

Actually,uva and uvb light therapies are considered safe treatment for all ages and all people who suffer with eczema. Unfortunately, we still can find some risks of this treatment such as:

  • Melanoma
  • Headaches
  • Sunburn
  • Aging signs
  • Cataracts

When you want to do this treatment, you need to go to dermatologist first. They will check your skin condition and they will help you to decide whether you need this treatment or not or which type of light therapy that is suitable for you. This therapy should be done in the hospital since this treatment is done by using special machine. Now, it is your decision whether you choose to use ultraviolet light for eczema or other treatments.

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