The Many Causes of Psoriasis on Face and How to Treat itThe Many Causes of Psoriasis on Face and How to Treat it

Are you looking for the causes of psoriasis on face? Well, if you are, then you have come to the right place. Psoriasis is a skin disorder that is going to affect your quality of life immensely. That is why you have to know the causes of this disease. It will also help to know how to effectively treat psoriasis. And that is exactly what we are going to let you know.

Psoriasis Sign and Symptoms

As we have mentioned above, psoriasis is a skin disorder that will greatly impact your life. The sign and symptoms of psoriasis involve red patches on your skin. You will also be able to find thick scales covering those red patches. These skin lesions will feel very itchy. They might even feel like burning or sore.

Psoriasis on the Face

Psoriasis can appear in almost any part of your body. However, certain parts of your body are prone to psoriasis lesions. These parts of your body include your knees, elbows, trunk, and scalp. Psoriasis can even appear on your face, which is called facial psoriasis. The skin lesions can appear on your eyelids, eyes, ears, and even on your mouth.

The exact causes of psoriasis on face are unknown. The immune system plays a huge role in psoriasis. You will also be at higher risk for psoriasis if you do certain things such as smoking or overly consuming alcohol. Obesity, certain medications, infections, and vitamin D deficiency are also other risk factors for psoriasis on your face.

Treating Facial Psoriasis

Fortunately, you will be able to find many treatment options for psoriasis, including phototherapy for psoriasis. This kind of treatment involves the use of ultraviolet light to slow the growth of your skin cells. In this method, you can use many light sources, such as sunlight, UVB, UVA, and excimer laser.

You can also treat facial psoriasis by using certain medications. These medications include both oral and topical medications. Your doctor might recommend low-dosage corticosteroids to cure the inflammation. Other medications such as retinoids will also help you remove the scales on the lesions.


Psoriasis is a disease that can impact your life greatly. Unfortunately, the lesions in psoriasis can appear anywhere, including on your face. But do not worry. You will be able to manage your psoriasis using several treatments. Hopefully, you now understand the causes of psoriasis on face and how to treat it properly.

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