The Medical Treatments for Scalp Psoriasis

The Medical Treatments for Scalp Psoriasis

After knowing about Ultraviolet light for psoriasis, then in this article, we will discuss more the medicine for scalp psoriasis. The term psoriasis is referred to the chronic condition of the skin which can cause a buildup from our skin cells in so many parts of our body. The skin cells excess can be change from the patches of silvery-red which able to itch, flake, bleed, and bleed. And while psoriasis affects the other skin problem, such as the scalp, then it commonly is known as scalp psoriasis. This scalp psoriasis can affect the neck, forehead, and in the back of our ears. These symptoms also can cause several serious conditions like heart disease, arthritis, obesity, high cholesterol, etc. These are the lists for medical treatments or scalp psoriasis.


This type of medicine exists in the form of a solution, a cream, and foam. Calcipotriene contains vitamins, such as vitamin D, that able to transform the skin cells to grow on some parts of your body which affected by the symptoms of psoriasis. This kind of medicine already sold in some regions of the United States, in the brand names of Sorilux, Dovonex, and Calcitrene.


Available in the form of a gel or a foam, Tazarotene can be used into the scalp to reduce the inflammation and the redness which closely related to the symptom of scalp psoriasis. And Tazarotene is sold in the brand names of Tazorac, Fabior, and Avage. That is why Tazarotene also belongs to the medicine for scalp psoriasis.


This kind of medicine is in the form of a cream which commonly used into the scalp for about some minutes to hours, and then you can wash this off. Before applying for this medicine, you should follow the dosage directions and the doctor’s application. And this kind of medicine is generally sold in some parts of the United States which available in the lists of brand names, such as Psoriatec, Drithocreme, Zithranol, Dritho-Scalp, and Zithranol-RR.


The methotrexate is the type of medicine in the form of oral medication which can prevent the overgrowing of the skin cells. And this medicine should be taken regularly in the exact schedule which was determined by the doctor’s prescription. Methotrexate also commonly sold in the United States in the brand names, such as Trexall, and Rheumatrex Dose Pack.

These are the following lists for medicine for scalp psoriasis. Before you consume these medicines, you should consult this with the doctor that can be trusted. And pay attention to the dosage of medicine that you should consume.

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