The narrow-band UVB therapy effect

The uses of narrow-band UVB therapy for health have been proven. UVB therapy works by penetrates the skin and the slow the growth from the affected skin cells. The treatment exposes the skin into artificial UVB light from a machine that set in a specific length of time in interval routine time. The treatment can take in the clinic or doctor’s office or done in the home with phototherapy unit. 

What is UVB therapy?

Phototherapy or ultraviolet light therapy has several types and narrow-band UVB therapy is one of the most common types of phototherapy used for treating skin diseases such as uv light for vitiligo. Besides narrowband therapy, there is broadband UVB light therapy. The main differences between the two light therapies include: 

  • The light bulbs in narrowband UVB light therapy release a smaller ultraviolet light range 
  • The narrowband UVB therapy takes faster duration to clear psoriasis and the longer remissions 
  • It takes less treatment per week to compare with other light therapy. 

UVB treatment is also different. The therapy can be done in localized or in whole-body care. 

The side effect of narrow-band UVB therapy

Just as similar to another phototherapy, the narrow-band UVB therapy also has side effects and risks that impact the skin. For example, the treatment can result in sun-burning effects just the same as the usage of broadband UVB therapy. The usage of phototherapy in the long term also increases risks of skin cancers and skin aging. 

Home narrow-band UVB therapy

Get home narrowband UVB therapy can be an alternative option for convenient and economical. Such as doctor or clinic light therapy, this will need motivation to consistent therapy on schedule. Most people that take treatment with UVB light therapy and work, usually starting their home light therapy at home by purchase the unit. It is important to follow any regulation and instruction and get a routine check-up to your doctor to know the progress. 

Sunlight: natural remedies 

Some people that not suitable for UVB light therapy they are able to choose sunlight as a safe and alternative option. However, you need to choose the perfect time for taking the treatment in tan. Always protect the skin with sunscreen. Although the affectivity from sunlight as not the same as phototherapy, it should be tried if the cost of narrow-band UVB therapy treatment is too high for you and you are not covered with the health plan. 

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