The Types of Eczema Phototherapy Treatments

Ultraviolet light for psoriasis commonly known as the usage of ultraviolet (UV) light in the aim of the treatment of skin such as itching of eczema and skin rash. While exposing our skin to the UV light it will directly affect the overactive of skin immune in the system cells which can cause the inflammation. The existence of natural sunlight can assist the symptoms of eczema, in spite of that UV light for eczema is the most suitable treatment for this thing. According to Elizabeth Page, MD, “light therapy is the most effective treatment for eczema, mainly for the children who are older and the adults”. Dr. Page said that there are some kinds of eczema phototherapy treatments. And here are the following lists for eczema phototherapy.

UVA Phototherapy

UVA, also known as the type for an ultraviolet light. This UVA light also exists in the sunlight, but of course, it acts too much different in our skin rather than the UVB type. The UVA light therapy for eczema can be effective to use in several conditions, such as psoralen and oral medication. And for this, it should be taken for about an hour before the treatment to get our skin to become sensitive for the light therapy treatment. While the combination of UVA and psoralen is commonly known as PUVA phototherapy. While the treatments of PUVA eczema are regularly given from the two up to three times in a week which is for about 12-15 weeks.

Broadband UVB Phototherapy

UVB, commonly called as the type for B ultraviolet light. This UVB light is generally used in the treatment for the skin conditions that already begun in the 1920s. UV light for eczema treatment includes property like a lightbox which gives up to three times in a week which totally can be counted as the total course from 20-30 treatments. About how long that it will take for every treatment it depends on when the skin becomes too slightly pink. When the first stage of treatment already been done, then the treatments for weekly maintenance could be given.

Narrowband UVB Phototherapy

The type of Narrowband UVB Phototherapy can be used to change the other lights such as for the PUVA and broadband UVB. This type is also effective like the other types for the treatments for eczema phototherapy. And this type is good to apply because it only has several side effects and you do not need for taking any pill for this treatment. This treatment is also good to apply because it requires only a shorter course for the treatment itself.

The advantages of UV light for eczema are the kinds of therapies that can work properly rather than the other types of eczema treatments. And if it can be applied, then it will only have several effects.

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