The Use of Medical UV Light

Do you know the use of medical UV light? Over the years, UV light has been used for various purposes. Not only used for commercial area, but UV light also usually used in industrial and healthcare areas.

In applying the UV light, generally, UV lamps are used to cure or dry materials such as inks and coatings, to disinfect viruses and bacteria, to control hygiene and infection, to inspect fluorescent, and also for tanning.

UV light for medical use

Nowadays, UV light has been used for many medical purposes. For your information, UV light is a part of solar radiation and has a shorter wavelength than light and can kill microorganisms.

Generally, the medical industry takes advantage of UV light to sterilize equipment, rooms, and also medical instruments. Not only that but UV light is also used as a medical treatment especially as light treatment for skin.

Benefits of the UV light in the medical industry

Then, what are the benefits of using UV light? First of all, UV light is environmentally friendly, thus it is perfect and ideal to be used for medical treatment. The UV light is able to deactivate the DNA from pathogens and stop them from multiplying.

Not only that but UV or Ultraviolet light can also damage the nucleic acid of some microorganisms to prevent them from reproducing. Those microorganisms are Salmonella, Hepatitis, Bacillus Anthracis, E. coli, Shigella Dysentariae, and also Influenza.

In addition, in the application of the medical UV light, it usually combined with other therapies such as ozone or hydrogen peroxide. This combination is used to restore oxidative metabolism to treat chronic diseases.

Types of UV light for medical use

For your information, there are at least 4 types of UV light that are used for medical purposes especially to treat some skin conditions. The UV light used to treat skin is called phototherapy. The first one is called UVA phototherapy that uses UV A light. This UVA phototherapy is usually combined with Psoralen which then called PUVA phototherapy.

The third one is the Broadband UVB phototherapy which uses UV B light. However, this phototherapy can only be used on the skin without folds. Then, the fourth one is the Narrowband UVB phototherapy that also uses UV B light. This phototherapy uses one wavelength to treat skin diseases especially Psoriasis. Not only Psoriasis, but also to treat Pruritus, Vitiligo, and also Lichen Planus.

There may be some side effects but nonetheless, medical UV light is effective to treat skin diseases.

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