The UVB Phototherapy Cost for Psoriasis in General

Have you ever had psoriasis and did phototherapy? How does UVB phototherapy cost? Well, even though it’s not a dangerous disease, psoriasis still needs attention. Indeed, there are many ways to treat this disease, one of which is UVB phototherapy. Come on, we discuss it in detail!

Getting to know about Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition when the skin becomes inflamed, causing several disturbing symptoms. Some of the symptoms in people with psoriasis are a reddish rash, dry, thick, scaly skin, and easy to peel. This skin disease is uncomfortable because it causes itching and pain. Areas commonly affected by psoriasis are the knees, elbows, lower back, and scalp. Apart from the method of treatment by giving topical drugs, drinking, or injecting, psoriasis can also be treated with light therapy. This treatment step is known as phototherapy, exactly narrow UVB treatment, which is a procedure when the skin is exposed to natural or artificial ultraviolet (UV) rays.

UVB Phototherapy for Psoriasis

Artificial therapy with UVB rays can be used in mild cases of psoriasis. A UVB emitting box is used in this type of treatment, a smaller area of ​​the body can be exposed without the need to expose the whole body. By shining UV B rays on areas affected by psoriasis, it will be able to suppress inflammatory cells in psoriasis until they subside. Side effects include itchy and dry skin, as well as redness in the area being treated.

Then, phototherapy that is done too often can suppress the immune system (immunosuppressants), making the body susceptible to infection and disease. Other side effects to watch out for are the eyes are more sensitive to light and the risk of cataracts increases. Phototherapy is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, people who have a family history of skin cancer, and people with liver disease and lupus.

Cost of UVB phototherapy in general

Some data has shown that typically, the UVB phototherapy cost is about a thousand dollars in one year. Medicare and Medicaid, also the policies of private insurance, sometimes covered in the treatment of office.

Likely, insurance does not cover the treatments at home. The cost of a unit of standard NB-UVB at home is about $2,600. Then, it needs to replace the Bulbs every 3-6 years. It can be said that the start-up cost of treatment at home is much more significant. Of course, it is different from the treatment cost on the office.

However, after purchasing the phototherapy’s initial , the cost of phototherapy at home is lower than the treatment in the office.

A simple research in 2018 had estimated that the cost of phototherapy at home for 3 years could reach $5,000. Besides the cost of the lamp, this estimation factored all costs of the shipping, warranty, technical support, and also the lamp set. But, the visit to doctor and co-payment costs are not factored.

Then, some researches in 2012 had found that phototherapy for adults had costs for about $3,910.17 in a year. As a comparison, most of the biologic treatments, every year, have cost some tens of thousands of dollars.

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