Things to Know about the Causes and Symptoms of Dermatitis

Dermatitis is a common term to describe skin irritation. Dermatitis is a general condition that has several causes and occurs in different forms. It usually includes dry skin, itchy skin, and swollen skin. It may cause your skin to ooze, blister, or crust. You should know that Dermatitis is not contagious, but it can make you feel self-conscious. Moisturizing will help you to control your symptoms only. Some treatments can help you. At this point, you should know that dermatitis is caused by different conditions based on your skin.

Causes of dermatitis 

As mentioned before that there are some causes of dermatitis that decide what type of dermatitis a person was diagnosed. 

A contact dermatitis 

This contact dermatitis will describe the skin reaction that occurs when your skin makes contact with the irritant or allergen. The irritant materials will damage your skin while allergen will trigger an immune response that can lead to a skin reaction. The common cause of this condition include soaps, detergents, disinfectants, metals, and so on. Some substances that can trigger allergic contact dermatitis, such as rubber, nickel, strong adhesives, and so on. 

The symptoms of contact dermatitis are itching stinging rash will occur when your skin gets contact with irritating substances or cause an allergic reaction, even you may develop blister as well. You can apply some moisturizer creams or ointments. 

Atopic dermatitis 

It was known as eczema, this form will occur when your body is sensitive to specific foods, allergen, or even environment factors as well. Your doctor may suggest you with UV treatment for dermatitis if you have severe symptoms. This condition usually runs in a family and can occur along with other atopic conditions such as asthma, and fever. Food allergies also can make this condition worse, and some food items have considered cause severe symptoms in children, such as soya, cow’s milk, nuts, fish, and so on. So, when you wonder about the causes of dermatitis, then dermatitis is caused by your dermatitis types. 

The symptoms of atopic dermatitis usually start during infancy, the itchy rash will occur when the skin flexes, such as in front of the neck, elbows, behind the knees, etc. 


This condition has caused by nerve endings under your skin that have been irritated, causing an itchy sensation and makes you repeatedly scratch as well. This scratching will lead to getting thicker and redness in your skin. Now, you understand dermatitis is caused by several conditions and triggers. referensi:

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