Tips to Treat a Contact Dermatitis

Your doctor may diagnose you with contact dermatitis and identify the causes by talking with your doctor about your symptoms, you should question yourself to find out clues about the trigger substances, and examine your skin to know the intensity and pattern of your rash or blister. Your doctor may suggest you get a patch skin test to know whether you get allergic to something. This test is useful if your rash is not visible or if your rash often comes back. You may wonder about how to treat dermatitis on legs. 

During this patch test, small amounts of allergens have applied to the patches, then it was placed in your skin. The patches will stay on your skin for two to three days, during that time you need to keep your skin dry. Your doctor will check your skin reactions under the patches and decide whether you need to get further testing. 

Some treatments to choose 

If home care steps cannot ease your symptoms and signs, then your doctor may prescribe you with some medications. Steroid ointments or creams will help you to soothe your rash or blister. A topical steroid can be used one or two times a day for four weeks. Then you also can take oral medications, in some cases, your doctor may prescribe you with oral corticosteroids to reduce inflammations, and relieve your itching sensation to fight against bacterial infection. In severe cases, your doctor may suggest you get UV treatment for dermatitis. You also can try some home remedies to know how to treat dermatitis on legs. 

Home remedies 

To help you reduce the itchy sensation and soothe your skin, you can try these home remedies or self-care treatments:

–        If you are allergic to the metal in your jewelry, then you can wear it by putting a barrier between you and this metal. You can layer the inner part of a bracelet with clear tape or paint it with clear nail polish as well. 

–        You should avoid the allergen; the key is to identify what can cause your rash and stay away from it. Your doctor may suggest some products which usually contain specific substances that can affect you. You need to ask some products that are free from substances that can affect you. 

–        You can apply anti-itch lotions or creams to your affected area. It is one of the best ways to know how to treat dermatitis on legs.

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