Treatment and Therapy for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease where new skin cells grow too fast. Psoriasis is characterized by skin rashes, dryness, redness, skin that is thickened to peel. This disease usually attacks the scalp, elbows and knees. For medicine for psoriasis, skin disease is usually done to reduce existing symptoms. Medicine for psoriasis skin desease is adjusted based on the severity of psoriasis, the type of psoriasis and the area of ​​skin affected by psoriasis. Here are some treatments and therapies that can be done for psoriasis.

Topical treatment

The first treatment for psoriasis is by administering several topical medications. Topical medications used include Corticosteroids, Retinoids, Synthetic vitamin D and Dritho-Scalp. This topical medication can reduce inflammation, inhibit the growth of skin cells, and smooth the skin. Moisturizers can also be used to keep skin moist and can reduce itching. Some medications may have side effects, so the doctor can prescribe the drug at the right dose. Pregnant women are not advised to use these drugs because they can cause side effects on the fetus.

Systemic treatment

This systemic treatment is used to treat psoriasis from moderate to severe. When the use of topical medication has stopped working, the doctor will give oral medication to injected drugs to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis more effectively. Some medications for psoriasis skin disease include methotrexate, cyclosporin and retinoids.

Light therapy

Light threatment for skin is a therapy used to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis. This light therapy uses ultraviolet light which is ultraviolet a (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB). This ultraviolet light can help to reduce active white blood cells so that it can reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. Light therapy must be based on instructions from the doctor to be able to regulate the amount of light emitted and how to do the right light therapy. This light therapy is also adjusted to the severity of psoriasis and the skin type of the patient. Maybe there will be some effects caused by light therapy including heat, itching, blisters and if done for a long time can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Treatment of psoriasis at home

Doing treatment at home means preventing disease for relapse. Home remedies with a healthy lifestyle that is used to reduce the recurrence of psoriasis. Some things you can do are maintain skin moisture by bathing regularly and applying a moisturizer to the skin, basking in enough sunlight to reduce T cells, avoiding inflammatory triggering foods such as red meat and controlling stress. Medicine for psoriasis skin disease generally only provides protection and preventsmorefrequentsymptoms.

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