Treatment of Narrow Band UVB Home Unit for Early Vitiligo

One of the skin-related diseases is the one called Vitiligo that can actually be treated by using narrow band UVB home unit. Obviously, this way of dealing with Vitiligo is often compared to hospital treatment. As a matter of fact, there has been a study indicated that there is no clear difference within the home and hospital treatment in comparison. More studies indicated similar result can also be found.

The early period of Vitiligo known as the new-onset Vitiligo was used as the stage of this disease to treat differently. Despite the insignificant difference between home and hospital treatment, the actual cost of hospital treatment is higher than home treatment only after 7 weeks. So, whether to deal with it at home or hospital it is pretty much the same when it comes to the early stage of Vitiligo.

The UVB is definitely the proper UV light for Vitiligo although there should not be too much exposure of it to stay safe. It is important to make sure that the patients considering home treatment for Vitiligo have been given the proper education on the UVB. Home treatment can be as effective as hospital treatment with that imminent danger of getting excessive exposure of UVB. On the other hand, hospital treatment will always be done properly due to highly trained personnel to administrate the treatment.

The idea in using narrow band UVB home unit to deal with Vitiligo is to do the so-called re-pigmentation of the skin. Vitiligo itself is a skin disease that somewhat remove the natural color of skin. Thus, re-pigmentation is needed in order to return the color of the skin as it should be. Within the period of treatment, it is important to check on the body surface area of Virtiligo, Vitiligo quality of life, and Vitiligo area scoring index. Knowing the number on each one of those will determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

Even in doing home treatment, the patient should be informed as clear as possible regarding the main purpose of the treatment along with its target. That will greatly help the patient to be within the same page as everyone else involved within the home treatment. Regarding the idea of home treatment for Virtiligo using narrow band UVB home unit, proper education of the patient along with close monitoring of the treatment itself can be the key to a great success of it.

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