Treatment of Narrow UVB: The Best Treatment for Leucoderma

Leukoderma is a skin disease that is similar to Vitiligo. It is a dermatology condition that the patches of the skin losing its natural color. It is usually called depigmentation. People know it from the existence of a white patch on a small area of the skin. Sooner or later, that patch will get broaden. Major skin changes will be noticeable around 10-30 years of age. It does not mean that this dermatological disease can’t be healed. Some treatments are usually used for Leucoderma. A person with Leucoderma will try to find the best treatment for Leucoderma among all treatments.

What causes Leucoderma?

There are various causes of Leucoderma. This skin disease can occur because of autoimmune disorder, terrible incidents such as incidental cuts, thermal burn, and other incidents that leave the white patch on the skin. Besides those causes, there are some causes of Leucoderma that cause other diseases. Leucoderma can be the impact or the result of certain diseases especially the disease associated with the immunological condition. Leucoderma also might be the effect of certain medications that affect the body’s immune system.

Treatments for Leucoderma

Dermatologists have some treatments that can be used to cure Leucoderma. The treatments are always included the improvement of body immunity and elevation of the body’s metabolism through some medications. The treatments for Leucoderma are medical treatment along with the cream to reduce the inflammation and the medicine for increasing the body’s immune system, surgery for micro-pigmentation and skin grafting, and also phototherapy to remove the depigmentation. Among all the treatments, the best treatments for Leucoderma is Narrow UVB treatment. This is the treatment that has a fewer impact on the body. This treatment only focuses on the skin patch that has Leucoderma so it will not affect the healthy skin around it. Besides having this treatment, the patients also need to increase their immune system to help the therapy.

Leucoderma can reduce people’s confidence. If people have Leucoderma, they should take the treatments directly to prevent other complications with other diseases. That complication will make Leucoderma get harder to cure. It can make Leucoderma get worse and need special and serious treatment to cure the Leucoderma and the complication disease. When people already have Leucoderma, the best treatment for Leucoderma is having Narrow UVB light treatment. This treatment is safe because it will only cure directly to the skin patch that has Leucoderma on it.

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